15th of September Post 1: CHILDREN!

I’m still sorting the 600+ photos from a wonderful nearly 3-hour parade for Independence Day here with lots of bands and flags and children. Tonight I share just a few of my children shots, some in the parade and many watching it. This satisfies what I wanted to photograph in last night’s lantern parade and did not accomplish. Children are so photogenic!

Watching the parade with me at Gelly’s

Representing one of the schools in the parade

Nicole, 6 or 7, is already a drummer in a band!
Son of my Spanish teacher, in band I raised $ for.

Some of the dancers weren’t so good, but
this group was great, with traditional dancing!

I watched this boy sneak under the railing to sit on curb for closer view!
The red, white & blue traditional dress is most
typical for Independence Day and I’ll show
adults wearing them another day.

And this is the typical traditional dress for boys and men.
I wore a hat like this but no bandanna, just a red, white & blue shirt!
Another traditional dress for 15th of September!
All of these are made by parents or a seamstress,
you cannot buy them in stores.

And finally, a father-son bonding moment on the parade route.
This may be my favorite photo from the parade.

I have lots of photos of a lot of bands and really a lot of flags I’ll share a few of, plus some adult costumes and some “different” things in the parade in future posts.

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