Colobura Dirce Serendipity

I reach for a paper towel in my kitchen and there is something alive on it!

Colobura Dirce butterfly, Atenas, Costa Rica
I read that they like Cecropia leaves and I have a new Cecropia Tree!
But not inside my house!
I don’t even have to go outside to
photograph butterflies!  🙂
But he startled me at first.
The only other place I’ve seen one of these was at a butterfly farm a few years ago. My Guarumo Tree is a type of Cecropia and that may be why he is at my house. This is what happens when your doors are open without screens during the day. The book says this butterfly does not eat the nectar of flowers like most but the above leaves and rotting fruit and for some reason likes to get on wet clothes drying on the clothes line. The top of his wings are dark brown with a yellow stripe. He hadn’t moved when I went to bed, but saw him by the sliding glass door the next morning and observed the top of his wings, but couldn’t get a photo.
  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
    “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”
    synonyms: (happy) chance, (happy) accident, fluke


And all my butterflies at Costa Rica Butterflieby Charlie Doggett photo gallery

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