Variegated Squirrel

Variegated Squirrel, Atenas, Costa Rica
Found all over Costa Rica, this one by my balcony in a Yellow Bell Tree
They can greatly vary in color around the country but all have tail “frosting”

Variegate Squirrel, my first shot peeking around tree trunk,
giving a little break from birds and butterflies!

Variegated Squirrel, Atenas, Costa Rica
Two moved from Strangler Fig to this tree and back – looking for food?
They are about the same size as North American squirrels.

And I continue to get new surprises on my balcony! Maybe after a year I’ll get bored.  🙂

July 8 I get my visa renewed and will start traveling more which means new wildlife photos.

And by the way, I just started a Costa Rica Mammals Photo Gallery which these guys are in. I haven’t gotten a lot of mammals since moving here, but got several from previous trips and will get more! This gallery is in addition to my
Costa Rica Birds Gallery
Costa Rica Butterflies Gallery
Costa Rica Insects Gallery  (other than butterflies)

Now all I need is galleries for reptiles and amphibians! Coming soon!

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