Variegated Squirrel

I’m back to sharing nature from my garden again for a while and this morning the first thing I saw from my terrace was this Variegated Squirrel (Sciurus variegatoides) is a tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus, the most common squirrel of the 4 or 5 species of squirrels found in Costa Rica. He can be seen at many elevations and is more numerous than any of the others and varies somewhat in looks and color combinations with black, white, gray and reds or oranges.

This Variegated one is found only in Central America from Southern Mexico to Panama and is the most common throughout Central America. For anyone really into squirrels, the 4 others said to be in Costa Rica are the Central American dwarf or pygmy squirrel,  Microsciurus alfari LR/lc; Deppe’s squirrelSciurus deppei LR/lc; Red-tailed squirrelSciurus granatensis LR/lc; and Bangs’s mountain squirrelSyntheosciurus brochus LR/nt.

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¡Pura Vida!

Dragonfly & Squirrel


This dragonfly and squirrel round out my photos of wildlife at Xandari, having already done posts on Birds and Butterflies. The latter giving me 4 new species! Dragonflies seem to interest everyone almost as if magical or “fairy-like” as butterflies, though the larger ones are easier to photograph than these tiny blue ones. See my separate photo galleries for Costa Rica Dragonflies and for Costa Rica Damselflies for more of this magic!



Variegated Squirrel

IMG_9155-A-WEBAnd finally, every man’s pest, the squirrel, in this case the Variegated Squirrel, the most common in Costa Rica. But there are other species of squirrels and I have galleries on 3 of them:


An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.

~Martin Buber


¡Pura Vida!

Xandari Costa Rica

Central Park Squirrels

Variegated Squirrel – La ardilla centroamericana (Sciurus variegatoides)


Yeah, I know, that’s what old men do – watch squirrels in the park!  🙂  But I haven’t done that until recently and snapped a few shots with my phone camera. These are called Variegated Squirrels in English, the most common squirrel all over Costa Rica. I hope that in the future I will sit in the park more whether watching people or squirrels or just relaxing or reading. It is a good place to be! To be in nature and to be in community. And eventually we will have a newly remodeled park which will necessitate more photos!   🙂

Note that we also have a lot of birds in the park also with parrots coming to the tops of one group of palms at one particular time of year and we also have had some Montezuma Oropendola nests in another part of the small park. I’m hoping they keep the trees with the remodeling!

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.

~John Muir

Rough translation of sign in park:  “Celebrate your life, take care of nature”

¡Pura Vida!

Other Animals at Sarapiquí

Mantled Howler Monkey male
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica

White-nosed Coati
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica

Variegated Squirrel
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica

Black River Turtle
Puerto Viejo River, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica

Spectacled Caiman
Puerto Viejo River, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica

See also all my non-bird wildlife photo galleries at OTHER WILDLIFE

And this will be my last post on what I saw in Sarapiquí at Selva Verde Lodge. I highly recommend this lodge and spending at least 3 or 4 nights when you go! 

Non-Bird Wildlife at Carara

White-faced Capuchin Monkey – Just hanging around!  Pura Vida!
Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Carara National Park, Costa Rica
Variegated Squirrel
Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Northern Ghost Bat
Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Some Kind of Fungus!
Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Unless I do a post on plants, that is all from the Campesinos/Carara trip. But every trip seems to have about a week’s worth of posts! Always a lot to share! I love it here!

As the attorney told me, I went to the local Atenas Social Security office to be “inscribed.” I took Jason (one of my language helpers) with me as an interpreter and he was absolutely needed! In short, the first desk sent us to another desk which was the appointments desk. Of course we needed to make an appointment (but you do it only in person-not by phone!). I am on standby for July 8 with a firm appointment on July 15.

I have a two-page form in Spanish to be filled out in Spanish. David is going to make it a class project next week in Spanish Class!  🙂  There are a bunch of other things I need to bring like proof of at least $1,000 income, the resolution I got, an electric bill, and a copy of my housing rental agreement. I can hire ” a professional” to help me walk through this, but it is more fun to work with friends and get closer to local Ticos! (And cheaper!) Ten to one odds that there will be some document not exactly right for the July appointment and I will have to go back again, but that is part of the adventure of government bureaucracies!

Variegated Squirrel

Variegated Squirrel, Atenas, Costa Rica
Found all over Costa Rica, this one by my balcony in a Yellow Bell Tree
They can greatly vary in color around the country but all have tail “frosting”

Variegate Squirrel, my first shot peeking around tree trunk,
giving a little break from birds and butterflies!

Variegated Squirrel, Atenas, Costa Rica
Two moved from Strangler Fig to this tree and back – looking for food?
They are about the same size as North American squirrels.

And I continue to get new surprises on my balcony! Maybe after a year I’ll get bored.  🙂

July 8 I get my visa renewed and will start traveling more which means new wildlife photos.

And by the way, I just started a Costa Rica Mammals Photo Gallery which these guys are in. I haven’t gotten a lot of mammals since moving here, but got several from previous trips and will get more! This gallery is in addition to my
Costa Rica Birds Gallery
Costa Rica Butterflies Gallery
Costa Rica Insects Gallery  (other than butterflies)

Now all I need is galleries for reptiles and amphibians! Coming soon!