After the Rain

An unusual Dry Season Rain moves over the mountains this afternoon.
It was the first rain in my nearly 8 weeks here. Rainy Season starts in May.


Sunset Saturday Night – No two Are alike!

All my maintenance issues were solved over a week ago and the management is really looking good for the apartment complex – but you know – even if they weren’t, I might want to stay here just for the views from my front porch! I’ve never had front porch views like this!

And if you start comparing and doubt they are all made from the same balcony, remember that I zoom in and out a lot AND occasionally use 3 photos merged, like the rain one at top here. For example, the large lone tree on the left in the top photo is the same tree barely protruding the skyline in the bottom photo, just smaller below. 🙂   Fun!   Pura Vida!


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