Eating Very Well!

View from my table at Gelly’s for lunch one day last week. 

Today I had a most wonderful (and different) Chicken Salad for lunch at El Mejor Clima del Mundo (The Best Climate in the World) Bar & Restaurant while a friend had a drink and we talked. ($6) The other day I ate with two of my Canadian friends at Bella Italiano and found a second place for a great pizza! Would you believe, there are at least 4 pizza places here, though Bella Italiano also has pasta and other foods. Sunday I ate at La Carreta for their special “Hamburguesa” that includes the works plus ham and two cheeses!  I can eat lunch for $5 to $6 easily, but sometimes splurge for more. Deserts are still my downfall! And these wonderful “Batidos” or Smoothies like guanabana, pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberry, blackberry! Always made with fresh fruit in a blender.

Not always, but most days I eat lunch out with breakfast and dinner at home. I do not cook much, but eat healthy. Breakfast is a bowl of fruit and nuts with some healthy cereal. I have many different things for dinner with Dagwood sandwich, fruit plate, and loaded omelet three of my favorites plus the homemade soup I’ve made once. I always have in my frig several fresh fruits like pineapple, papaya, some kind of melon, some kind of berries, apples, bananas and I buy bottles of pulp to make my own guanabana and mango smoothies. I’ve gotten some whole mangos that were ripe, but it is still a little early for the big harvest. I eat well!
Starting to get into a fairly regular routine, slowing down, and reading a lot! I’ve read two books on living simple, two spiritual books, started my 2nd John Grisham novel and my 3rd Chronicles of Narnia book. Yeah, I usually am reading multiple books at one time which gives me a lot more variety in life. I still don’t watch TV much just like back in TN. I do have Netflix with VPN so I can get all the stateside titles, but have only watched 2 movies so far. Birds and sunsets are more fun!
Stay healthy and be happy! Pura Vida!   -Charlie

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  1. Charlie, I look forward to reading all your posts. I could be happy following the daily routine you have begun. If public transportation is good, I could easily live without a car. Keep having fun and keep posting.

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