Like One Great Furnace Full of Melted Gold!

Sunset from my balcony last night, “like one great furnace full of melted gold.”

I borrowed my title from a line in C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew that I read today. I am re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia and in this first book the children see their first sunset in Narnia:

“…the western sky was all like one great furnace full of melted gold.

All sunsets aren’t like this but it sure is a “Praise God” moment when they are. Love it! And got another new bird today on the railing of my front balcony! Motivated me to clean the glass on the sliding glass doors.  🙂
Yellow-winged Vireo or maybe a Yellow Tyrannulet

I have a gallery of all birds photographed at the apartments if interested. Up to 13 now.

And for the serious birders, my collection over the years of Costa Rica Birds

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