ZOOAVE Yesterday

The animals are tucked into little nooks along trails like this.

Yesterday I spent more than two hours at an animal rescue organization’s beautiful little zoo only 20 minutes away from where I live. It is in La Garita, Costa Rica which I pass on the way to Alajuela. It is called  RESCATE ANIMAL zooave. That title link takes you to their website which can be viewed in English.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2020 this facility has been “rebranded” to eliminate the zoo concept and is now called Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center.

The zoo is a beautiful tropical garden good for two hours of walking just for the gardens. There are a lot of animals, mostly birds. The word “ave” is Spanish for bird and it is primarily a bird zoo, but there are monkeys and many other animals plus the wild animals like iguanas and squirrels stealing bird seed. And wild birds flying in and out.

Today we had a 2.5 hour meeting of residents with part of the new apartment management and the attorney for the owners in Holland. If they do everything they promised, I will be staying long term in these apartments. A former administrator is back and the new director is coming from Holland in a month or so. I like them both and the attorney. So things are looking better by the day! And had lunch with a couple from Canada at a little Italian restaurant in town. Keep finding new, good places to eat! Though places like this one have American prices.

The adventure continues! Pura Vida!

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