ZooAve with InterNations Group

InterNations is an organization of expats around the world
with a San Jose chapter for Costa Rica. I’m checking it out.
They sponsored this outing today.

The famous toucan from Grecia with broken bill that ZooAve saved
and 3-D printed a prosthesis bill which he doesn’t always wear. 

This pigeon was brought in from penitentiary where he had
been delivering drugs to an inmate. Interesting.  

For even more photos, see my TRIPS Photo Gallery InterNations at ZooAve

Our Famous Toucan on Animal Planet in August

My favorite zoo here is ZooAVE which is mostly an animal rehabilitation center. I think I have told about the toucan some bad boys in Grecia broke the beak of and ZooAVE created an artificial extension to give him an almost normal life. (3-D Printing no less!) Well, now the story will be told on Animal Planet this August. http://www.ticotimes.net/2016/07/21/costa-rica-disfigured-toucan-documentary

Tico Times photo of injured Keel-billed Toucan at ZooAVE

Another Visitor from Tennessee

I like to include breakfast at La Casita del Cafe with a view to the ocean.

And we took the tour of El Toledo Coffee Farm, the only two on the tour!
We then ate Sunday dinner with his family and really enjoyed that as much!
That is John Rasbury on left from Williamson County, Tennessee.
Gabriel is the oldest son of the coffee farmer and does the tours now. My friend.

I also took John to Zoo Ave, City Mall, La Garita plant nurseries,
house hunting (his main goal), and lots of restaurants!  🙂  4 days here.

I did not know John from my many years living in Nashville but met him on the Chris Howard Relocation or Living in Costa Rica Tour in 2014. We have kept in touch since. He is not able to retire yet, but plans to come here when he does and is starting to invest in rental property here for his future income. Like Reagan, his favorite place was sitting on my terrace.

This is the main reason I went a week without posting anything on the blog, just too busy! Muy ocupado!  And I am very tired! Even took a little nap yesterday afternoon, which is rare for me! And I have my Visa renewal trip to Nicaragua Tuesday-Thursday, a birthday party at my house Sunday week, and CAJA application appointment July 8. So not slowing down much yet. But I will. 

ZooAVE and Zoo of a Dinner

We visited Zoo Ave in La Garita today with Abe and Nancy Docktar and then joined Jean and Carolyn for dinner tonight at a local gringo restaurant with a Nashville Band (of retired gringos here) called “FlashBack” playing oldies. An Interesting day!
Flash Back plays for dancing at Augostos Restaurant tonight
Scarlet Macaw at Zoo Ave
Keel-billed Toucan at Zoo Ave
An Injured Toucan rescued and nursed to health
Green Iguana, one of many around the park
Wild Spectacled Owl visiting Zoo Ave
Striped Owl at Zoo Ave
Crested Owl at Zoo Ave
Emu at Zoo Ave
Great Curassow Male at Zoo Ave
Great Curassow Female at Zoo Ave
Squirrel Monkey at Zoo Ave
Spider Monkey at Zoo Ave
Helicopter Damselfly at Zoo Ave
Baird’s Tapir or Central American Tapir at Zoo Ave

Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.~Jack Hanna

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2020 this facility has been “rebranded” to eliminate the zoo concept and is now called Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center.

Follow Reagan’s Blog for his view of his visit here!

¡Pura Vida!


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica






Collared Aracari Toucan
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica
Emerald Toucanet
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica
Central American Spider Monkey
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica
Great Curassow
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica
Torch Ginger or Etlingera elatior
RESCATE ANIMAL zooave, La Garita, Costa Rica

Well, there is so much more I could share. It was my second time at this little zoo, gardens, and animal rescue association. I really like it and think it a better (and less expensive) place to visit than La Paz for birds and gardens. Now, La Paz has hummingbirds not here and of course the beautiful 5 waterfalls, but it costs twice as much! And Zoo Ave is just 20 minutes from my house.

This was the next to last day for Kevin and I think he likes ZooAve almost as much as I do. Tomorrow will be some simple little local visits and Monday he flies home.


IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2020 this facility has been “rebranded” to eliminate the zoo concept and is now called Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center.

¡Pura Vida!

ZOOAVE Yesterday

The animals are tucked into little nooks along trails like this.

Yesterday I spent more than two hours at an animal rescue organization’s beautiful little zoo only 20 minutes away from where I live. It is in La Garita, Costa Rica which I pass on the way to Alajuela. It is called  RESCATE ANIMAL zooave. That title link takes you to their website which can be viewed in English.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2020 this facility has been “rebranded” to eliminate the zoo concept and is now called Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center.

The zoo is a beautiful tropical garden good for two hours of walking just for the gardens. There are a lot of animals, mostly birds. The word “ave” is Spanish for bird and it is primarily a bird zoo, but there are monkeys and many other animals plus the wild animals like iguanas and squirrels stealing bird seed. And wild birds flying in and out.

Today we had a 2.5 hour meeting of residents with part of the new apartment management and the attorney for the owners in Holland. If they do everything they promised, I will be staying long term in these apartments. A former administrator is back and the new director is coming from Holland in a month or so. I like them both and the attorney. So things are looking better by the day! And had lunch with a couple from Canada at a little Italian restaurant in town. Keep finding new, good places to eat! Though places like this one have American prices.

The adventure continues! Pura Vida!

How I Know I’m in Costa Rica

Peacock photographed at Rescate Animal Zooave – More about it tomorrow.


  1. The first week I used the washing machine and microwave with my Spanish-English Dictionary in one hand!
  2. People write emails of concern when I go 4 days without a blog post. (And Thanks!)
  3. I use Google Translate to write out questions and directions for bus drivers and taxi drivers before I leave for a trip! And still they don’t always understand me!
  4. Then when I still get lost or have trouble finding my bus stop there is always a friendly Tico to help me out. Like today a worker from Zooave stood out front with me to make sure I got on the right bus back to Atenas – Then when the bus zoomed by without stopping, he called the cab for me since after an hour I was tired of waiting. Still don’t quite have Tico patience yet!
  5. I’m averaging about 5 miles of walking per day with much of it uphill and feeling great!
  6. Have I mentioned that everything is in Spanish and I am still in Beginner 1.1 Spanish? Unlike the tourist towns where it pays locals to know English, a farming community has no motivation to learn English. (Can you imagine a farming community in Tennessee learning Spanish because a few migrant workers live there?) So communication is still the biggest challenge!
  7. I’m eating more fresh fruit and veggies than ever in my life and feeling great!
  8. I’m in shorts and T-shirt all day every day while sleeping under a comforter with the windows open at night.
  9. I already have two visits from Nashville scheduled on my calendar and I’ve only been here 4 weeks! And I’m excited about both! Though a little nervous about the first group that includes two Nashville restaurant owners who want me to take them to one of my little farm town restaurants. But . . . I think they’ll like it!   🙂
  10. The word I hear most often from the maintenance man here is “manana.”
  11. Today a letter was slipped under my door addressed to “Senor Charles Doggett, Apartado #3.”
I gave up on my Iolo System Mechanic support for my latest malware problem and went online to Geek Squad (since my new computer came from Best Buy with the geek service – I used Live Chat since calling them even with an 800 # is an international call.). They were wonderful! The poor guys spent 3 hours on my computer but everything is back to normal again. Think I wills stay with Geek Squad! And renew after my one year free subscription expires!
I’ll catch you up some more tomorrow and hey! Life is still good!