My Balcony View

Panorama View from My Third Floor Balcony
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The turquoise rectangle far left is our tennis courts. Pool is behind tree right of center
and between those two tin roofs, the owner’s house and “The Rancho” that might become a restaurant.

I’m liking my new apartment on the third floor, especially the two balconies! This is the view from my front balcony where I drank coffee this morning before another bus trip to Alajuela where I picked up my file box and about 6 or 7 letters including Christmas Cards from a few of you.

This is basically the same view as from my first floor apartment, just from a little more height AND I took three photos and combined them in Photoshop Elements as a panorama. You are looking over a little farming town of 8,000 people surrounded by coffee farms and several gringo housing developments. We have enough gringos, so please don’t move here!  🙂

Late this afternoon I stood on my smaller back balcony which is closer to several trees and a row of bamboo. I photographed 4 different species of birds. Finally! I’ve been too busy and in the wrong place up until now. I’ll share those photos tomorrow in a separate post.

Today I also explored some more shops in town including a hardware/electrical store and a little shop with scads of cheap items from China. Fun!

Watch for the birds tomorrow.

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