First Four Back Porch Birds

Couldn’t wait until tomorrow! Posting just before I go to bed Friday night. All were photographed from my smaller balcony on the back side of the apartment. It is likely to be one of my main bird-watching spots. I have seen parrots and toucans flying over, but not close enough to photograph. All four of these are common in this part of the world and I have photographed before. Click image to see a larger version. I just checked my Birds of Costa Rica Checklist and two of these are new sightings for me and three are first-time photos. Progress! I will be adding my checklist to a webpage soon. I have now seen more than 100 birds in Costa Rica and photographed more than 70! And in my photo gallery Central/South America Birds I have more than 100 photos. I will create a separate Costa Rica Birds and Other Animals gallery one of these days.

Gray-capped Flycatcher
Red-billed Pigeon

Scarlet Tanager

Social Flycatcher

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