Catarata Falls, Trogon Lodge, by Charlie

In addition to receiving Christianity Today, now digitally, I also get their weekly blog which ties you into articles on their website. Today’s pulled me into this neat article about getting rid of stuff as I am doing right now: Stockpiling Treasures in My Junk Closet.

And if you guys prefer articles written by men, check out this minimalist blog by Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist, who in this post points us to 8 other simple living blogs. Wow! Too much, but my new simple living seems to be popular again. And it is fun to read how others are struggling with it too.

I sold my wonderful Relax the Back Zero Gravity Recliner tonight to the nicest young man who was buying it for his mother! He already has one! And it is fun meeting new people who are all so interesting! This guy has a small car dealership and gives a portion of his profit to give used cars to poor single mothers in the community! Now isn’t that neat!

What neat person will God bump me into tomorrow?

POSTSCRIPT: In 2021 a woman wrote and asked me to add this link to her site on how to ditch cable TV (I did) and yet get streaming or other valuable shows for free or cheap. I do that now in 2021 with no TV but streaming of free YouTube videos and a documentary streaming service called CuriosityStream. The requested link to add is: 🙂

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