Computer Brings Big Slowdown of Activity

Family Leisure Time on River, Uvita, Costa Rica (at Villas Rio Mar, 2014 by Charlie)

For two or more weeks it seems, I have been wrestling with the new computer setup and the re-installing and/or buying of software that is for use on only one computer.  My evaluation this time around is that online Geek Squad has been much more helpful than the guys inside the Best Buy Store. Adobe and Microsoft basically have no customer service and Quicken has become just about as bad. Four days ago I had to schedule a call back which is not until this Sunday. Grrrr! Okay, that’s off my chest now!  🙂  I’m getting used to the big laptop and it is fast! Computers are hard to live with and just as hard to live without, so I guess we adapt!

Tomorrow is the next to last weekend “yard sale” for me in a room at “The Village Treasure Shop” here at McKendree. Two computers and a great monitor go on sale! I’m having moderate success each weekend and after the 22nd I will give a lot of stuff away and advertise some on Craig’s List, maybe eBay.

A college student who works part-time in our McKendree Dining Room just came back from 4 weeks in Costa Rica in an immersion Spanish language class. That has been a fun connection. My immersion begins in a little less than 6 weeks. Wow! Things will seem to start moving faster now. And maybe I’ll post more often.

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