Good Friday Mass

A cross draped in red and candles are
about to be brought into the Good Friday Mass
Atenas, Costa Rica

I love symbolism, ceremony, and beauty in worship and keep saying I will go to Mass and wish I had been dressed differently today for I would have enjoyed this probably more than the praise band I will hear Sunday morning at the Bible Church. But hey, I may surprise everyone and go to Mass instead. 

During Lent the cross in front of the Catholic Church has been draped in a purple cloth which was removed this week. 
Lent Purple at Catholic Church
Atenas, Costa Rica

Lent Purple

Atenas Catholic Church

Purple-draped crosses also
appear in front of many homes
in Atenas.

February 18 to April 2 is the Season of Lent this year and the color purple proclaims it in many places in Atenas, but none like the Catholic Church which also flies purple flags around the compound wall. The color of reconciliation is a fitting reminder of the mission of Christ we will celebrate on Easter Sunday, April 5.