Flycatchers, Ant Birds, Manakins

These are some of the most beautiful and interesting birds with some eating flies or ants and another one doing a “Michael Jackson Dance” to attract a female.

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¡Pura Vida!

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Hiker’s Bonus

The other day I told about the coast to coast hiking trail El Camino de Costa Rica and mentioned that the one section I hiked was nearly all uphill and I then decided I would not try to hike the entire trail. To visually see what I’m talking about as a mountains trail, see this Map with Elevation Chart of Camino de Costa Rica. 

Of course you could also say that half the trail is downhill or about the same amount of downhill and uphill as you travel from sea level to sea level over the mountains, one over 7,000 feet tall!   🙂


And in Politics

Costa Rica recognized Juan Guaidó as the president of Venezuela.

South Caribe Birds This Year

Some trips I put more energy into getting many more bird photos, this year in South Caribe was more relaxed and slower, focusing a little more on culture and people, but here are my 10 birds and 1 nest photos representing 8 species with 3 having both male and female photos. My one “lifer” or first-time seen bird was the Gray-necked Wood-Rail.

Birds are still my first passion, but tomorrow I will share the “Other Animals” seen here this year including one of my better sloth photos shot near the hotel, as were most of the birds. I saw a few water birds from a distance but not as many as usually seen here. And I’m very pleased with my new Tamron 60mm lense which has really helped to zoom in on more birds!

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The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.

~Carly Simon

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¡Pura Vida!

The Great Kiskadee Sings in a Good Rain!

Great Kiskadee
He was singling loudly on the edge of my terrace today before the rain started.
Sorry that it was shot through both glass and screen of my sliding glass door.
When I opened it, he flew away!
He sang his loudest just before we got a very unusual big February rain!
Atenas, Costa Rica
To hear what his song sounds like (hint: his name), click on the below reference and a button there that says “Listen” to hear him sing: 
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¡Pura Vida!

Last 5 Birds from Sarapiquí

Buff-throated Saltator
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica
Also saw a black-headed saltator, but no decent photo.

Spotted Sandpiper
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica
As seen from my room balcony on Sarapiquí River
And I have never seen one with actual spots.

Northern Barred Woodcreeper
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica

Great Kiskadee
Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiquí, Chilamate, Costa Rica

Gray-capped Flycatcher
Along the Puerto Viejo River, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica

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Well, that really is all the bird photos I will share from this great trip! But expect about 4 more posts of other wildlife photographed in the Sarapiquí area of Costa Rica.

Corcovado Beach at southern end of
Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Then a 4-month break before my next big adventure the first week of May to Corcovado National Park (largest Pacific Coast rainforest) and Drake Bay, staying at the AGUILA DE OSA, Rainforest & Marine Adventure Lodge.  There is no end to adventure and nature photography in Costa Rica and I intend experience as much of it as possible! All my reservations are made including small plane air transportation down which is cheaper than a rent car. I could have done the bus but it is so much easier flying to the South Pacific! It is the wrong time of year for whale-watching, but my focus is birds right now. I’ll do whales another time.

Back in 2009 I visited the southern end of Osa Peninsula and Corcovado (above photo) on a birding trip to Luna Lodge and Lookout Inn, flying to Puerto Jimenez and a 2 hour dirt road drive to the edge of the park. This will be different at the other end or northern end and will include a visit to an island reserve out in the ocean. I can hardly wait!  

The Heavens and a Great Kiskadee!

The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.   

Psalms 19:1 HCSB

January 31 Sunset from my Balcony – Right out of camera, no messing with it!

Today was spent in San Jose for a physical exam for Pricose Healthcare Insurance to get my application approved. Snapped a few shots on phone in San Jose, for later maybe. Also had a flock of Great-tailed Grackles on the lawn this afternoon that I’ll show later. First new bird in awhile! I did get a new and better shot of the Great Kiskadee yesterday on the back balcony of my neighbor’s apartment, so this one is for Urs & Ima from Switzerland:

Great Kiskadee

As always, click a photo to see it a little bit larger with more details.

Two More Birds Tonight!

This was my first sighting ever of a Saltator, while I’ve seen many Great Kiskadees and Social Flycatchers, I wanted to include it tonight because I believe it is the larger Kiskadee as opposed to the look-a-like smaller Social Flycatcher shown last night or the night before. Both were photographed from my back balcony. I love it!

Greyish Saltator

Great Kiskadee