My Arenal Room

This is my 5th time to spend five nights at Arenal Observatory Lodge and all 5 times in the same room because I liked it on my first visit! 🙂 It is close to the beginning of all hiking trails and just across a courtyard from the restaurant, and as a corner room, it has two great views! Looking north, I look up at the volcano and looking west I look out over Lake Arenal and this time of year at some magnificent sunsets. Here’s a shot of each of my two views and one of the courtyard between my building and the restaurant. As they say here, “Perfecto!”

One of the 2 views from my room, Arenal Volcano.
The other view from my room, of course different in daylight, Lake Arenal.
My room at far end of building on right, at corner. At left is the restaurant.

I’ve had my first hike, though it was a little too hot in the afternoon and I will make sure all future ones are in the morning only! 🙂 And of course that included photos of much nature from birds & butterflies to flowers and other nature things! 🙂

Arenal Observatory Lodge (their website link)

¡Pura vida!

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