Cute – for a “Coyote!”

Those cute buggy eyes looking out at us doesn’t seem to fit his name of Coyote Cloudywing (Achalarus toxeus), another new species for me in my garden the other day. It was windy again and he didn’t stay on that vine long, so no other views as I prefer to make, but I kind of like this look! 🙂

Coyote Cloudywing, Atenas, Costa Rica

See some other interesting Skippers in their galleries.

¡Pura Vida!

Visiting or Moving to Costa Rica? Avoid Driving!

My personal advice is to not rent or buy a car! Driving can be terrible here! I’ve been here nearly 10 years now without a car and done fine! I walk a lot locally and use taxis or tour drivers and public buses for trips. (And occasionally fly Sansa Airlines for distant lodges.) The many expats here think they have to have a car or two plus as more Costa Ricans can afford cars (very expensive here!) they are helping to overload the very limited infrastructure for automobiles as are the increase in trucks servicing the growing population. See this article with a photo in Sunday’s Tico Times Online English Newspaper:

Gridlock and Delays Await Tourists Traveling Costa Rica’s Highways

¡Pura Vida! (if not driving!) 🙂

Instead, use my friend Walter: Walter’s Taxis & Tours (506) 8873-4266


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