Fumigating My House Videos

Alex made a couple of very short phone videos of Walter fumigating inside and outside my house yesterday. It doesn’t show him doing the attic or spraying liquid insecticide along all walls, both inside and outside around the house foundation.



I’m back home on Saturday cleaning up their mess and my maid is coming at 1:00 to mop the floors (sticky insecticide) because she mops better than me. I swept up all the dead insects and unfortunately some Geckos too. Hopefully new Geckos will come back in. They are generally the best pest control, just not for thousands of ants!

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charlie,
    Next time you might try using Terro Ant Baits. Inexpensive and available from amazon.com. Non toxic (basically boric acid, sugar and water – you could make your own) and will not harm geckos. I use them all the time.
    Won’t work with leaf cutters but all other species that are attracted to sweet stuff.

    1. Thanks Howard! And my first few years here I used boric acid and water which took care of those tiny ones, but I had let all of them get out of hand, so starting all over fresh now. And some of the geckos escaped.

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