Photographing Through Leaves

This first shot is of my Ficus aurea tree (scientific name) which in Florida is commonly called a “Strangler Fig” Tree or occasionally just a “Ficus”  or a “Golden Fig” Tree and here in Costa Rica the Spanish common name is “arbole Higuerón.”

It is on the street side of my house, shielding my living room, office and bedroom from the afternoon sun and scrambles any view to or from the houses across the street. It has a lot of leaves and is thus difficult for me to photograph anything in it (like birds) or distant objects on the other side! But that is what I did with the three photos that follow this one. In some ways I think this tree makes an interesting “framing” of a shot!     🙂

Ficus aurea, Higuerón or Strangler Fig Tree, Atenas, Costa Rica – in my yard!

“Cortez Amarillo” Tree blooming behind the houses across the street as seen through my Ficus or Higuerón Tree.
Clay-colored Thrush or Yigüirro in my Ficus, singing his heart out this time of year, said to be calling in the April or May rains that will start our “Rainy Season.” National Bird!
Hibiscus in my own yard as seen through the leaves of the Higuerón Tree – my favorite shot of today!   🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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