Rhinoceros Beetle

Injured or with a broken horn was on my terrace Christmas Eve in Uvita until the maid got rid of him. They usually have a long black horn as long as his head width. This one seems to have been broken off. See my Rhinoceros Beetle gallery for what the horn usually looks like. He was at first on his back and could not roll over (lots of beetles have this problem!) as seen in 3rd photo of gallery. I turned him over for topside photos, then he later climbed up the outside door as shown in second photo of gallery.

There are so many strange and interesting insects in Costa Rica and some scientists say that there are still many that have not been identified or named yet. I have better photos in my Rhinoceros Beetle Gallery or you might like seeing the similar Hercules Beetle Gallery or another similar Longhorned Borer Beetle Gallery or for my whole collection of More Insects CR (non-butterflies) with more than 80 species of unusual insects I’ve photographed in Costa Rica. I think that insects are incredibly interesting!

Rhinoceros Beetle, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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