Yep! Today, Wednesday, 19th of May 2021, I am halfway through my cancer radiation therapy and already on the downhill side of the mountain! 🙂 I will get 33 treatments and today was #17, a half treatment over the hill! 🙂

The photo is of the computer screen where I check in each day with my patient electronic card that I swipe over that little black box’s red screen that pulls up my name and appointment time, etc. This info also goes back into the treatment room where the therapists are thus notified that I’m entering the second waiting room for patients only.

Patient check-in station, Twenty-first Century Radiotherapy, San Jose, Costa Rica

For those not knowing Spanish, “Por favor, aguarde a ser llamado. Muchas gracias.” means “Please wait to be called. Much thanks.” They call me in over a PA system when ready. Depending on who calls, they call for “Mister Charles.” or “Señor Charles” or “Don Charles.” These young therapists are very professional, kind, friendly and helpful in every way, making it a much more pleasant experience.

Now before any of that, I walk up to the outside door and wash my hands at an outside sink with a hand soap dispenser. Then I am allowed in where my temperature is taken and of course I am wearing a mask – all part of the national Covid protocols. I will be doing the above electronic check-in just 16 more times now! 🙂

On the walk back to hotel today, two parakeets squawked congratulations to me from a telephone line! 🙂 Too high for good cellphone photos, but here’s a try:

And the outside entrance of clinic:

Radioterapia Siglo XXI – Much bigger than it appears!

¡Pura Vida!

14 Replies to “Halfway!”

  1. I can’t believe your treatments are half over. That’s great and helps me to know that difficult things happen and go by quickly. It certainly seems that the radiation has had little effect on your well-being, other than making you tired and sleeping longer.

    All of that to say we continue to pray for your total healing and in 17 more days the doctors tell you goodbye, hug your neck, and say, “Senior Doggett, estas curado!”

    1. Thanks Kevin! And even though I’m “drained” or tired a lot, as expected, I’m feeling good otherwise and optimistic for a future of much more nature travel in Costa Rica. 🙂

    1. And the Lord is blessing me through kind people like you! Thanks for keeping up with me during this time of trial. You are appreciated!

    1. Thanks Lisa! And rest assured that all the prayers make a difference! God seems to always bless me when difficult things come into my life, and that must be because of praying friends! God bless you and your Sunday School Class! I’m fortunate to have experienced you and the class!

  2. Congratulations Charlie! I’m been counting the days on my calendar too and I even mailed you a “halfway there card”! I hope you are not having too many side effects. Rest up now because I know God has many exciting days for you later this summer!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Still tired and tasteless but doing good otherwise. I will check my mailbox Monday since I expect to get back to Atenas late Friday because I’m finally getting the stitches removed from the left eyelid that afternoon. And the big trip to Osa Pininsula is July 22, 5 weeks after radiation ends.

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