Orange Howler Monkey?

I have a lot to share from today’s (Saturday’s) excursion to Caño Negro Wetlands Reserve, but the most unusual (and all I have time to present tonight) is the totally orange Howler Monkey. And of course the first question is why?

  1. Albino? That is what the website says and what I believe is the reason.
  2. Pesticides? That is what this article in Costa Rica Star says, a mutant caused by the sulphur-laden pesticides sprayed on the nearby pineapple plantations. I guess possible.
  3. Our guide today said it was caused by incest which might relate to or be the cause of #1.

Regular Mantled Howler Monkeys are black with an orange spot or streak on their backs (mantled). But this rare mutant fellow is all orange and the first I’ve seen like this.

Today’s (Saturday’s) trip was an all-day affair, not returning until 4 PM, so I am tired and can’t process all the many other photos from today now, but will share later.

Tomorrow morning I return home and will then finish processing many more photos from this great Christmas Week at Arenal Observatory Lodge inside Arenal Volcano National Park. Yes, we had some rain this week but that didn’t dampen my spirits! 🙂 And it was sunny the whole time at Caño Negro today!

¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Orange Howler Monkey?”

  1. WOW! Not so good for survival, but probably now with a great decrease in predators, it doesn’t matter. I hope this beautiful mutation has a long life and delights more humans!

    1. Yes! The danger from predators is much greater with a bright color, though the guide said they’ve seen this one around there for about 8 years now, which is kind of amazing! It was with a troop or family of “normal” mostly black howler monkeys.

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