Supermarket Entry

At what I consider the biggest and best supermercado in Atenas, La Coope, you now have a 4-step procedure to enter the store due to COVID19. I’ll illustrate them with 4 photos:

Stand on X, 2 meters apart

There are similar X’s for you to stand on while waiting in check-out line which make them look or seem a lot longer!   🙂

Wash your hands!

At end of first line is sink & soap or alcohol-based sanitizer for hands + . . .

Use spray bottle & paper towels on cart handle

This guy washed his hands, now he is to use spray bottle on cart handle.

If busy, wait in entry line for guard’s approval

Sometimes you go straight in, but they limit total number in the store.


The guard has a rope over the entry and tells you when you can enter. On a busy day like Saturday, as one person exits he allows another to enter. In all lines, including meat department, service desk, and checkout cashiers, you have these X-lines with people 2 meters apart (like the 6 ft. in states).

And as stated earlier, the cashiers have a Plexiglas shield between you and her/him and if charging, you slide your own card in and out of the machine; they don ‘t touch your credit card. (Now cash is another whole issue they don’t seem to have a solution for. But one of my friends actually washed all her cash in the sink – bills & coins!)    🙂    Money-laundering?

And only a small minority of us are wearing masks, but I don’t mind being different!

The Coronavirus Pandemic will give us stories to tell for the rest of our lives!   🙂

Some of our restaurants are providing “To Go” or “Delivery” services which the government now allows. I haven’t done it yet but will try to soon.

“Go to the bank looking like a bank robber!”
― Steven Magee

Hey! I did and they let me in with mask on!

¡Pura Vida!

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