Butterfly + Dental & Virus Updates


Well, another butterfly, the feature photo, that is difficult to identify and different from most because it was so small, about the size of my little finger’s fingernail or in U.S. currency about the size of a dime. Seeing an enlarged photo makes it seem to be one of the large category of “Brushfoots,” maybe more specifically one of the fritillary or crescents or tanmarks by the designs, though I have never seen one this small. No positive ID in my big book of butterflies yet. Let me know if you think you know!   🙂


Thursday I saw my root canal specialist. She drilled into the hurting tooth (through a bridge) to find that it was very much infected because someone in the states had started a root canal but did not finish it and then went ahead and put a bridge on that tooth. So much for the trust I thought I had in my dentists in Nashville.

She packed it with antibiotics for a week and this Thursday I will get the infection-free root canal. The total cost for treating the infection and doing the root canal is the CR Colones equivalent of U.S. $220. Root canals in the states are between $900 and $1,800 and in my case one was never completed, even at the very high prices. Glad I’m in Costa Rica now!    🙂


LATEST VIRUS NEWS (From Tico Times):

Costa Rica reaches 35 cases of coronavirus; all bars and nightclubs ordered to close  (As of Monday)

A very social-able country is now practicing “social distancing” which is a challenge!   🙂  No more of that kissing cheeks or even hand-shaking which seemed funny when the very friendly bank guard elbow-bumped me the other day!   🙂   But the virus is spreading very slowly here and only in the capital and its suburbs now.

I just emailed my hotel in San Gerardo de Dota about my mountain adventure beginning March 30 to confirm that I’m still coming and get an assurance from them that they are still open. Tourism is being greatly hurt here by this virus and the limited travel since most of our tourists are from out-of-country. So I think they may appreciate that I’m still coming! And if not many there, easier/safer for me with my “social distancing!”   🙂

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
― Anita Desai

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Hi Charley.
    RE your dental issues. We now know to try to have all our dental work done in Costa Rica. Excellent quality and much better service than in the US. Prices– well you know.
    We are now back in frozen new hampshire. gosh I miss the weather in Atenas. We heard there were bad fires in Roca Verde and Hacienda Atenas last week. How did you fare ?
    We are on what I would call semi lock down now. Schools, restaurants etc are closed. For ourselves, we are in a pretty good position for most situations. Its a good time to catch up on reading, home repairs and perhaps a spanish lesson or two.
    Steve & Lucy

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