NEW Butterfly Gallery

For the butterfly lovers who have visited my photo gallery of butterflies, you may have found it “busy” or confusing or difficult to navigate through and find specific butterflies. I have now fixed that. I have wanted to add multiple shots of the same species and did some but that made for more photos to wade through. It was 205 photos and growing! Difficult!

NOW I have a separate gallery or sub gallery for each species all grouped together in a “folder” gallery for all butterflies. The above feature photo is the first page of the alphabetically arranged butterflies. You can more easily skim through the 76 sub galleries and open only the one you are looking for. It will make my butterfly gallery useful to people wanting to ID a butterfly in Costa Rica or just find a photo of a particular butterfly. I’ve seen other Costa Rica butterfly galleries by hobbyist like me and personally think mine is the best!   🙂

This means that a lot of links in my blog posts will be to the old gallery which I am temporarily leaving up. I hope to tackle the big job of going through all references to the old gallery and change the link! Whew! Not a global fix for that!

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