Butterflies & Flower Enroute

I have so many photos, it is late, and I am tired. So I’m just sharing the butterfly and flower photos made at our breakfast stop in Guapiles this morning. The lodge and the whole National Park is wonderful, but I can’t start showing it tonight. Here’s some color on the way to the jungle!  🙂

Butterflies & Flowers in Guapiles

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¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Butterflies & Flower Enroute”

  1. Welcome back to Tourtuguero, Charlie! I enjoyed going with you there when I visited you. I looking forward to seeing your photos especially of the river. Riding the boats into and returning from the lodge was one of my best memories of my time in Costa Rica. Have a great three days, friend.

  2. I will do a photo book of all three of my trips here and send you a copy, though that will be two months away! 🙂 This new lodge for me is a little newer than Laguna Lodge but the food is not as good. And we were fortunate to have an excellent guide that trip! I have a new, less experienced young guide this time who doesn’t compare yet. But they all have to learn! Have a good day Reagan!

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