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For anyone interested in improved details, that is what I have been doing for a couple of weeks and for my stay-home day today:


  • IMG_4840-AIn all of the BIRD galleries (1 for each country) I have now arranged the birds by families in the order found in that country’s field guide, which is a big improvement for serious birders! In the case of a couple of countries that I had no good guidebook for, I used the “official” list for that country on Wikipedia which is arranged by families like the field guides.
  • Folder with multiple galleries — And in Costa Rica and eventually in other countries with a lot of birds, that gallery becomes a “folder” with a sub-gallery for each bird, giving you multiple photos or different views of that species, male & female, front & back, and often with activity like eating, flying. This is particularly important for my Costa Rica birds now that I have 294 species which is too many photos for one gallery! Yet I see the need for multiple shots of many birds.
  • And I realize that most people don’t really care about this, but a few might and it is more helpful to me.   🙂




This is just the beginning of how I will share photos and stories about my exciting life BEFORE COSTA RICA!  More is coming – It’s a Wonderful Life!    🙂   And as I finish writing I hear from across my little valley a children’s choir singing beautiful Christmas music in Spanish. What a delight!   🙂

Merry Christmas!

¡Feliz Navidad!


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