Next Adventure Starts Saturday

Saturday morning I leave early for a 3 hour drive to the dry tropical forests of Northwest Costa Rica or the Provincia de Guanacaste. But since water is necessary for life (including birds) I’m going to a park with a grand river running through it, Rio Tempisque (Wikipedia) in Palo Verde National Park  (Facebook) while staying just outside the park in Rancho Humo Estancia. In addition to the boat and jeep tours this hotel offers, I hope to also visit the Palo Verde Biological Station in the heart of the park for birds, though not staying there. And being in November, the last month of rainy season, it won’t be dry there at this time.

And my main birding goal? It is to get a photo of a Jabiru Stork, the largest stork in the world. And an island in this river is considered their main nesting spot, so maybe I will see one or more even though I just learned that they don’t nest until April, which means I may have to return in April-May?   🙂

This trip will be quite a bit different from my rainforest visit last month!

On this linked google map the Palo Verde is left center and Atenas (my home) lower right side:

Or here is location (Red X) on a Costa Rica Relief Map:

Red X is the location of Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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