Tomorrow in Piedras Blancas NP

Tomorrow I leave early for a short flight to Golfito in the south of Costa Rica for a week at Esquinas Rainforest Lodge in the Piedras Blancas National Park,  one of Costa Rica‘s birding hot-spots. And note that they only have Wifi in their main building, so my posts could be limited or certainly my correspondence will be. Part of being in the jungle!   🙂

I live to the left of San Jose. Nothing is terribly far within Costa Rica! It will be a 30 minute flight and a 25 minute drive from Golfito Airport. Costa Rica is the same square miles as West Virginia in size as a comparison for Americans.


Notice it is across the big Gulf of Dulce from my favorite Corcovado NP. And my last visit there was to Danta Corcovado Lodge about where the capital P is located in the park name, Corcovado NP. I flew to Puerto Jimenez for that.


Main building at night


Lobby of main building and dining room


My cabin maybe?


Above photos all copied from Esquinas Lodge website.

Check it out!

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charlie – Have fun on your adventure. As you might recall, we loved Esquinas Rainforest Lodge when we spent a short time there on our birding adventure in August 2017. Lots of great birds and beautiful grounds.

  2. Gracias Ed. I knew you were in that area and may have gotten the lodge name from you, but my old man brain doesn’t remember now. I’m looking forward to what they call a “birding hotspot” even if there during the rainiest month! 🙂 Still trying to cover the whole country. And I look forward to reading your report of Ecuador!

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