Plain Longtail Buttefly

The Plain Longtail Butterfly or Urbanus simplicius proves that all butterflies are not colorful. In fact, I had one of the many different longtails in my bathroom one night and thought at first that it was a bat! Yes, he is fury!  But you have to admit that he is very interesting and beautiful in his own simple way, photographed here in my garden. I have a photo of a White-striped Longtail in my butterfly gallery and there are other varieties.

See also my Photo Gallery Butterflies and Moths with more than 80 species photographed here in Costa Rica.

I also have a little 7X7 inch photo book titled My First 50 Butterflies in Costa Rica.  You can preview all pages electronically for free at this link. Best viewed full screen for bigger photos.

¡Pura Vida!

Report on My Surgery Last Night

My right arm is still numb, so limited left-hand typing. Hospital and docs/staff were super! I see doc tomorrow and schedule physical therapy. No problems, still numb. No pain.

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  1. Charlie,
    Nosy me wants to know why you needed surgery. Weather not yet scorching hot. I am looking forward to taking the dog for her evening walk. I have a new person next door, but have not met her. The house is still dark tonight. I have weeding to do in my garden tomorrow, but I am sure that my son will fuss because I am out there working. I will pull weeds after he goes home in the afternoon. I “baby sit” with him while his wife is at work. This keeps him out of trouble.

    1. First week of May I fell off my bed, landing right on my right shoulder and it has been hurting ever since. Then the first week of July I tripped and fell on the brick sidewalk in Alajuela, catching myself with my right hand, jamming that shoulder and more intense pain. The orthopedic did an ultrasound and said I have a ruptured tendon in my rotator cuff. So it was what they call rotator cuff surgery in the states. (Fairly common) Hopefully this repair job will get me back to normal after 5 weeks of Physical Therapy which is hard work. Sorry I haven’t made the reason clear in posts. Your Nashville summer sound fairly typical though everyone says it is hotter up there this year. Blessings Nancy!

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