Trails & Sidewalks at Xandari

If you count the unofficial paths and trails there are possibly 5 miles of walking/hiking ways within the Xandari property. And I think I have walked over every portion except a little section that dead ends along the river. Around the villas and through the gardens is paved while through the farm and to the waterfalls is dirt paths, sometimes muddy this time of year! I came back to my room with muddy shoes every day! Just a sampling of trails and I did not include some grass-covered paths. Trails are a great way to immerse yourself in nature!

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¡Pura Vida!

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Xandari costa rica   (their website)

2 Replies to “Trails & Sidewalks at Xandari”

  1. Beautiful photographs . . . I love those trails! They are bordered with all kinds of plants and flowers. I am sure you enjoyed your time there.

    I assume there was no air conditioning in the villa. Was one needed? If not, were fans provided? Mosquitos?

    Keep snapping that shutter.

  2. Gracias Larry! My photo gallery also shows the farm, nature-inspired architecture, vistas, and way too many gorgeous flowers to share on the blog, so hope you and other check out the gallery!

    Like most of the Central Valley, especially on a hill or little mountain like this it is 60’s at night and 70’s in the day, so no need of a/c anywhere here! Year-around! Ceiling fans and insects come with the territory, but no mosquitos here and rarely at my house!

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