Clean Water – A Growing Problem Worldwide & Now In Atenas!

The city is now installing these emergency water tanks around town
for when the water system is down (often), water will be closer at hand for families.
As opposed to waiting for the water truck to come by for your water needs.
And the rapid turnover of local politicians continues as a “real fix” is still not provided! Just promised!
Atenas, Costa Rica

And this is how persons got water in past when the taps aren’t working.
Atenas, Costa Rica

And yes, this “rich” gringo lives in a housing development with our own water system that is virtually never down and on top of that my richer landlord has his own well and pump just for our 3 houses on this property, meaning we always have good water. Many locals might say “Not fair!” And life continues to prove itself not fair. And the politicians continue to promise to do better! Yeah! Right!

Here are just 3 of the protest signs trying to get politicians to do something:

Spray-painted on an outside wall of one of the high schools.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Water is a right, not a luxury.”
On a home fence in my side of town. 
Atenas, Costa Rica

Atenas needs water.
Atenas united by the right to water.
A whole town is protesting.
I say: Present! 

On another home on my side of town. There are many more! 
Atenas, Costa Rica

For many of us, clean water is so plentiful and readily available that we rarely, if ever, pause to consider what life would be like without it. 

~Marcus Samuelsson
Water is life!

Pray for a working water system in Atenas.

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