Sunrise and WiFi Problem

The sun actually rises to the far right in this photo, but sometimes affects all the sky.
Atenas, Costa Rica


My absence for several days on the blog is due to no internet connection which I first blamed on my provider Cable Tica and could not get a telephone tech whose Spanish I understood or one of the few with English. After 3 days I realized the problem was not them but my local router which took another 3 days to fix because of a holiday yesterday. There is a button on top of the router I am told not to touch and it is hard to not touch it because prominently placed. When I touch it the router is wiped clean and needs to be reprogrammed for my network. Grrrr. I took it into shop to be programmed but evidently the button was pressed again on the way home in my backpack. So today I had a technician come to my house and fix it without me touching it! 

Well, anyway, it is fixed now and I can be back online. I did not realize how much I used the internet until without it several days! Lots of catch up blogs needed!  And a trip Friday!

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