American Crocodile
“Crocodile Bridge,” Tarcoles, Costa Rica

American Crocodile
“Crocodile Bridge,” Tarcoles, Costa Rica
Our van with the Nashville group stopped here on the way to Jaco Beach. A regular stop for tour buses here on Ruta 34 is called Crocodile Bridge (Link to very good Animal Planet Video); the highway 34 bridge over the Tarcoles River is near the small fishing village of Tarcoles. Tourists usually walk over the bridge and look down to see the crocs sunning on the riverbanks or swimming in the river for a fish snack. (See above video link.) The nearby village has several vendors who will take you on the river in a boat to see the crocs up close and even better, for me, up to 30+ species of birds! There are of course several souvenir and food vendors at the bridge to oblige your needs!  🙂

American Crocodile on Wikipedia

Species Profile: Everglades National Park

¡Pura Vida!

Links to my float trips on the Tarcoles River (Bird Focus): 

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