The Allure of Beaches

A Sample of My Beach Photos and Why I Don’t Live on a Beach . . .
My Beachside Hammock View
Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Flying Over Many Beautiful Beaches
Tambor Bay, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Park Beach
Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Corcovado South Beach
Corcovado National Park, Carate, Costa Rica

Hermosa Beach
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Manzanillo Beach
South Caribbean, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Public Beach, Costa Rica

Barefoot Beach Soccer
Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo, Caribe South, Costa Rica

Ohhhhhh, this was difficult to choose, even as samples! There is that camping on the beach shot or the birders hiking up Corcovado Beach I wanted to include, and those horses in the evening fog along another beach, and the long slim Flamingo Beach or the couple picnicking under a tree on a beach! Though I do not swim in the ocean (I consider it dirty) and don’t surf or even boat much, I love to go to the beach and the photo ops are simply unlimited! I love photographing beaches!

Because it is hot and humid most of the time on the beach and the cost of living higher than Central Valley where I live, I am not likely to move to the beach, though never say “never!” Also most of the best medical services are in the Central Valley which is important for an old man!  🙂

But I will continue to make visits to both coasts as I just did for Christmas at Tambor Bay on the Pacific. This June I will be on an island in the Caribbean of Panama at Boca del Toro. In September I do a repeat stay at Banana Azul Hotel in Puerto Viejo, South Caribbean, and for Christmas this year I will spend a week at Si Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge on the Pacific Coast at Manuel Antonio. Most of my in-between trips are to the mountains which I love equally well but find too cold much of the time for living, thus between trips I live in the perfect weather of 70’s farenheit in the central valley, the best of all worlds!

My two beaches photo galleries:  Caribbean Beaches  and  Pacific Beaches


FOR YOU BEACH LOVERS (Read The Costa Rica Star newspaper articles):

One Costa Rican Beach Ranks Among Top 25 Beaches in the World
This is a little-known, seldom visited beach in our South Caribbean near Manzanillo where I have stayed, Punta Uva. It doesn’t get the attention (or advertising that Manuel Antonio or Guanacaste beaches, but I loved the beautiful nearby Manzanillo Beach and will try Punta Uva eventually.

As with most of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the hotels at Punta Uva are small and basic in the midst of nature.   (NOTE: This ranking of beaches is done each year by TripAdvisor based mostly on tourist rankings and certainly not scientific! Last year they included our Manuel Antonio Beach on this list.) Someday I will try visiting this beach,

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort to Open in Costa Rica Fall of 2018

This will be one of those all-inclusive expensive resorts where they entice you to never leave their hotel property and all activities are available says Travel Weekly magazine. It will be like some of the other all-inclusive Marriott’s, Hilton’s, and Barcelo’s in Costa Rica, with the theme of movies and movie stars whom they entice to visit there (part owners). More like going to Disney World! And another way American big businesses are making money off Costa Rica. And what some Americans want here!

We already have some Hard Rock Cafes here and I they are opening a beach hotel in Guanacaste sometime this year. These kinds of hotels are mostly on the northwest coast of Costa Rica in the Guanacaste desert or driest part of the country where you have to go further from the beach to see much else. A lot of Californians come down to stay on the beaches, flying into Liberia.

There is even talk of a big amusement park and there is already an automatron dinosaur park near Liberia. It is not my favorite part of the country, though there are still some more national parks I want to see in that area.

¡Pura Vida!

And Celebrate with Me! My Income Tax was filed & accepted today! Paid in full. 

Though it is disgusting how much tax I have to pay for no services from the states other than my SS Check (my money) and the Embassy here that I no longer need now that I’m a resident. And it is embarrassing to admit that I am a U.S. citizen as the whole world laughs at a country that would elect Trump and the NRA-owned Republicans while the most violent gun-toting country in the world watches it’s citizens kill off each other while demanding billions of dollars more for a bigger army to go kill people in other countries. How sad! 

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