Mirador de Ujarrás

My Favorite View from Mirador de Ujarrás
Ujarrás, Costa Rica

View of Orosi from Mirador de Ujarrás
Ujarrás, Costa Rica

A Large Patio with 180° + View of Valley
Ujarrás, Costa Rica

Large Parking Area for Mirador de Ujarrás Tourists!
Ujarrás, Costa Rica
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Tomorrow: Mirador Orosi



No Easter Parades this Year! Presidential Voting Runoff takes Precedence.

I’m sorry because the colorful Easter celebrations is one of the things I love about the Catholic Church here.

Canadian Sets Example for Costa Ricans by Cleaning Community Park (& link to TV News Video) Or some of us see him as the weirdo Canadian with goatee & eyebrows dyed to match the color of his short shorts that day and he hangs out in the Atenas parks half-naked picking up trash. His friendliness with little children and his lack of clothing makes him look like a “pervert” to some of us, especially in this conservative society where most men always wear long pants. So I have mixed feelings about the positive publicity the local press gives him, but granted, he is interesting and has done this for years on his “Snowbird” winter vacations here. And hopefully his ecology message will pay off.  

Historic Shipwreck in Caribbean Must Return to Ocean because CR has no facilities to preserve it out of water. Scuba divers should like that!

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