Interesting Public Art in Alajuela

On 6-lane boulevard between Walmart & City Mall (mall behind trees & billboards) is this contemporary art.
A metal man pushing a red metal wheel?   Concentric Circles with philosophical meaning? 
Or just something to break up the monotony of occasional bumper to bumper traffic along here?
Alajuela, Costa Rica

I photographed this Monday after Spanish Class and my bus ride to Alajuela, picking up a package at Aeropost, taking taxi to Walmart, then walking the half mile to the City Mall for lunch and a couple of items in shopping. I usually ignore this particular public art, but somehow it struck me today. On this same boulevard past the Mall is a red letter “a” (the little A) and the word “Alajuela” under it, which reminds me of the large red letters in Juan Santamaria Park spelling out “Alajuela” and that someone is trying to coordinate at least some of their public art. Interesting!    ~Charlie


Aerial Video of Atenas
And back in Atenas, someone flew over Atenas in plane or helicopter at different times of day with video of the roof tops of central Atenas. Nothing is labeled or explained so not a very useful video, but if you want to see Atenas from the air:
I guess anyone can put something on youtube.

And in the right column on this blog page is a link to the most current Atenas PR Video I highly recommend!  

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