Poas Lake Reappearing – Maybe Park Open Soon

Official Photo with water returning.

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

My 2015 Photo of Active Volcano
I think the same place as their photo
OR is the lake they are talking about the one below?

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

My 2015 Photo of the inactive crater, a blue-green Lake Botos
but I think they are talking about the active cone,
don’t know if this one went dry too.

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

It is a positive sign that the lake is starting to reappear which I hope means the park will be opening again soon. Read the article at:

Another “official” photo of Poas erupting August 24, 2017
One of several eruptions, mostly gas and soot but not lava like some.
It has been closed for more than 9 months now and no longer active.
Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

Reopening the park is important to the Park Services budget as one of the most visited parks and to all of the local people who depend on the area tourism. The nearby La Paz Waterfall Gardens has remained open all this time and continues to be a popular tourist site. 
Me at Poas.2015

Poas Volcano on Wikipedia

Did you know?  Poas Volcano has the second largest volcanic crater in the world:   vacationscostarica.com  

I have taken more than one visitor there and not been able to get in because of cloud cover, especially during January-April. In fact my only visitor who got to see it was Kevin Hunter, so consider yourself lucky Kevin! The second largest volcano in the world to visit and the most popular in Costa Rica. 

And here is the TRIP Gallery:  2015-With Kevin at Poas Volcano

¡Pura Vida!

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