Flying Over Atenas & My House

Atenas Centro
Central Park and the big church are at about 11:00
Below that is a white bldg that looks like eyeglasses (2 courtyards) is Primary School
The group of several white buildings is the Technical High School seen smaller in next photo.
And lower right corner of photo points toward my house in the next photo.

My House Circled in Red
This side of the roundish cow pasture.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Because of Christmas traffic going to & from the beaches and long waits on the slow ferry, I chose to fly to Tambor and back and from what I have heard from people who drove, it was a good decision! And for the first time on a small plane here the flight plan took us right over Atenas on the way back to San Jose. So I quickly made these cellphone photos of my hometown. Fun!

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