Christmas Eve Dinner Around the Pool

Christmas Dinner with New Friends in Tambor 

Tambor, Costa Rica

Horderves, wine, soup or salad, baked turkey & dressing or mahi mahi, scalloped potatoes, green vegetable medley, pecan pie alamode. A wonderful meal and great company! The pecan pie was made with Karo Syrup just like my Mama’s by the owner’s wife. Delicious!

The lady at front right is my birding guide Ruth (today & Tuesday) and her husband Larry at front left is our driver. Jimmy is back center and Ruth’s daughter Ellie (Elizabeth) just graduated from high school and is going to the university to study medicine and eventually become a neurologist. There are a lot of ambitious young people like her in Costa Rica, even in small towns like Tambor (much smaller than Atenas!) Great people everywhere I go! Even most of the Americans!  🙂


All of my meals here are outside around the pool 
Tambor Tropical Resort
Tambor, Costa Rica

from Tambor Tropical Resort

My trip gallery for this trip: 2017 Christmas Week Tambor Bay 

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