Cloudy Time of Year

October is usually the wettest of the rainy season months (May-November)
And this year is therefore normal with rain every day in afternoon & evening or night.
With mornings sometimes clear and sunny, but the last week or so just cloudy. Early October.
Earlier this morning you could not even see the hills above for the clouds!
 Atenas, Costa Rica 
A week or two later photo with a Pacific front moving in.
We had very heavy rain with the beginning of Hurricane Nate that started here.
Then 2 or 3 weeks with very little rain and now it may be coming again. We will see!
This shot 25 October.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Mornings are very foggy . . .

Even as the sun comes up!  Though hard to capture in a photo! 

AccuWeather Forecast for Atenas  which is usually pretty accurate, though this week we did not get the quantity of rain they forecast. Now we are suppose to get back to normal afternoon showers until sometime in November when it fades away to the dry season. I prefer the greener rainy season!
Actually I rarely check the forecast unless traveling. It is what it is!  🙂

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