The Streets of Atenas

Shots on streets in Central Atenas that I walk nearly every day. And you will probably think our little town looks boring. Well I like it! Tranquil is my word! 🙂

Residential Street near one of the schools.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

Central Market on left and a row of all kinds of shops on right.
 My office supply shop is there + where I sometimes get coffee & pastry.
 The red & black “CasaBlanca” & green building “Monge” = furniture stores.
The red cars are taxis at this main taxi stand.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

Same street block as above photo but from other direction.
 Those steps on right lead up to Central Market & the Bus Station.
You can barely see the row of red taxis on the left in front of shops.
  Atenas, Costa Rica 

My favorite hardware store on right & bus station on left,
  except San Jose & Alajuela buses leave from building beyond hardware store. At blue bus!
  Atenas, Costa Rica 

Monge furniture on left, other shops then big yellow bldg. is “El Rayo,” our dollar store, cheap Chinese stuff!
 Then on beyond is my Columbiano barber shop and favorite pizza place, La Finca.
 If you keep going straight past the little evangelical church you will come to the apartments,
 Hacienda La Jacaranda that I lived in for the first four months. It’s still for sale!  🙂
  Atenas, Costa Rica 

From the intersection of those above streets looking toward main church at palms
with the Central Park across the street or on the left.
  Atenas, Costa Rica 

And standing in front of the church looking the other direction, east
The “Tribunal” or Court House on left and several businesses on the right
including La Caretta, one of my restaurants, and the little corner Cafeteria for coffee/pastry
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

A funeral leaving the big catholic church, walking to cemetery 5 blocks away.
 That corner round building, “Gollo” is another furniture store.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

“Motos” or ever present motorcycles waiting on funeral. Most are driven by young men.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

The front of the funeral procession.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

City Hall on right & Central Park on left.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

Banco Nacional (my bank) on left (blue & white) and Central Park on right.
 The red taxis are at one taxi stand. The other taxi stand is across from central market.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

The same above street looking away from park and bank.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

Last street before highway. ICE (electric company on left) and my favorite restaurant
Donde Bocha is on the right behind that truck with covered patio.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

One of about 3 bars in center of town with many more out of town, some combo-restaurants, sports bars
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

Ruta 3 or Highway 3 running through town. My supermarket, La Coope
is on left down near the white truck and our only traffic light in town.  🙂
  Atenas, Costa Rica 

On the street in front of my computer shop, Unitech, and looking across a vacant lot
are the roofs of stores and the steeple of central church at center of town.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 
 Well, that was sorta like a virtual drive through Atenas, focusing on the streets. Maybe sometime later I will show what I consider the major businesses, though that could be a lot. We’ll see. 

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Atenas, Costa Rica

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