A Cuckoo at Breakfast & World Travelers at Lunch

Squirrel Cuckoo
Waiting on me in the Nance Tree when I went to the Terrace for Breakfast
Atenas, Costa,Rica

I have better shots of this cuckoo, but it is still nice to have one visit occasionally.  🙂

I had lunch today with Tom & Jess who are temporarily in Atenas as a part of their retirement plan to travel all around the world in their retirement, a month or two here and then on to the next interesting place. Sounds like fun! Click on their names above for their blog which is much more extensive about their retirement travels than my blog. And if you notice that they visited Zarcero in Costa Rica and don’t remember me reporting on it, you are right! But I plan a day trip there by bus soon! It’s a village famous for its beautiful church and topiary garden.

From here in November they go to Florida to catch a cruise ship that will drop them off in South America where they stay a while before Antarctica and then back to Africa again. They have an international health insurance policy and try to live simple lives in rent houses in every country they visit. They are renting a house in Roca Verde near me now.

They frequently use rent cars to give them more independence in seeing what they want to see. What they are doing seems more tiring and more expensive than my particular retirement plan, but a fun and exciting one. I do plan to visit other countries in Central and South America eventually and of course continue to explore Costa Rica! I visited every single Tennessee State Park before leaving there and plan to likewise visit all the National Parks in Costa Rica in time! It was good to visit with other world travelers that enjoys adventure as much as me! And even that is part of my retirement adventure of living in a coffee farming village in Costa Rica!   🙂

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” 

– Robert Frost

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