These Incas are “Love Doves”

Inca Doves
My Garden, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica

This young couple will probably soon mate and will be partners for life. Read more about Inca Doves at Cornell University’s All About Birds

See my other bird photos in my Photo Gallery BIRDS

Cute love

Dove and sprinkle cling together
Searching warm and partner
In a pool splash
Kissed nature

Under a mirror image
Cute couple
Love together


Thinking about moving to Costa Rica? Check out this article in Christopher’s “Living in Costa Rica” blog:  TAX RESPONSIBILITIES FOR EXPATS FROM THE U.S. 
And there is even a link there to an online booklet with more specific information, plus links to other helpful articles. 

Actually I still file my income tax report every year just like I did in the states (with TurboTax), but mine is quite simple with SS & pension income, no investments beyond a 401k and savings accounts, no business, no other investments, no property owned (neither house nor car) and no debt. But you who have more and more complicated finances might want to read up on it or even use a tax attorney here in Costa Rica who specializes in U.S. taxes. There are several here because so many rich Americans live here.  🙂  

Living here does not change the tax responsibilities of being a U.S. Citizen, even after becoming a legal resident here. I don’t know what would happen if you renounced U.S. Citizenship and don’t know anyone who has done that. But if your income still comes from the states . . .?

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