Parakeet Flocks Over My House

Every day I have bigger flocks of parakeets than this flying over my house, more this year for some reason.
But I haven’t gotten a photo over my house. This is one I shot at Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba, Costa Rica.

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I went back to Alajuela Hospital and got more papers and two more appointments. Seems a little weird, but on 23 August I go to hospital admissions in Alajuela to be admitted to the hospital for a procedure at Hospital Mexico in San Jose. They will probably weigh me, temp, maybe blood and urine tests; don’t know yet. The next day, 24 August, back at Alajuela Hospital (my province hospital) for an appointment with my cardiologist and possibly other tests, not sure. Then 25 August I go to Hospital Mexico in San Jose to get the angiogram. Whew! It has been confusing because my Spanish is malo (bad), but I plan to take my translator with me in August and hopefully get a little more fluent!

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