Harris’s Hawk

Harris’s Hawk
Roadside between Bijagua and Canon Negro, Costa Rica

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I made around 600 images at Canon Negro today and have a lot of birds & other photos to share, but I have not had time to process them all, plus we have been without internet connection most of the day and what we have now is very slow. So this is all the report for tonight. But this shot of a Harris’s Hawk will probably be my favorite shot of the day and is my first ever for this kind of hawk. I also got two other kinds of hawks and a Laughing Falcon today, but not this good of an image.

Tomorrow I finally get to the nearby Tenorio Volcano National Park which is where I want to photograph a beautiful waterfall with bright blue water, BUT, all the heavy winds blew a tree down over the waterfall trail Saturday or Sunday and as of today they still have not opened the trail, soooo, I may not get the waterfall I came for. I will learn when I get there. There are other trails to hike and birds to find and I’m hoping for the rare Umbrella Bird that is known to be in the park, but tough to see. Will try! Having a great trip! Traveled to Canon Negro with a lovely couple from France today. Using the same guide tomorrow, Alex, to explore the park, just him and I.

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