Amazing Mother-in-laws!

Flowering “Mother-in-law Tongue” plant
In my neighbor’s yard
Atenas, Costa Rica
Flowering “Mother-in-law Tongue” plant
In my neighbor’s yard
Atenas, Costa Rica

My plant like this is in a pot in my bathroom, so I guess it is not as likely to bloom as these that are outside getting sunshine and rain. Interesting! My first time to ever see this plant bloom. I did not know that they had flowers!

See also my photo gallery called Flora & Forests.

And enjoy this very brief National Geographic Video on the greenest & happiest country in the world:

The Greenest & Happiest Country!

The Greenest and Happiest Country in the World

This is the greenest/happiest country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index, which measures the happiness and longevity of a population and divides it by their ecological footprint.

If all countries followed the Costa Rica example, it would be a wonderful world! Go for it!
But first the States have to “Dump Trump!”

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