A Visitor to My Terrace

Spiny-tailed Iguana
On My Terrace, Roca Verde Home, Atenas Costa Rica

This variety seems to be less common than the Green Iguana in most of Costa Rica, but I have seen this guy or his family members around the house, in neighbor’s tree, and going to and from the stream on the other side of our cow pasture. He was first heading in my backdoor, but turned and ran to the terrace when he saw me. They are basically harmless and never hurt people. Our little miniature dinosaurs!  See also my photo gallery with this and other Reptiles

And for travelers here the next 2 months:
  Bridge between Airport & San Jose Closed 6 Weeks for repairs and Widening says this article in Tico Times. That means if you fly here it will take you longer to get into San Jose during February+ but should not affect coming west toward Atenas very much beyond the usual airport traffic congestion. The closure begins 21 January.

And FYI:
Costa Rica Ranks 4th in English Proficiency in Latin America says article in the Costa Rica Star.

That is convenient for lazy Americans who are mono-lingual, but note that it would not hold true in little farm towns like Atenas or other non-tourist, non-city locations. So my advice to those considering retiring or living here is to learn Spanish! After all, don’t you expect immigrants to the U.S. to learn English?  🙂    Que necesitas para aprender español.

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