First Night and Forgot Something!

Somewhere beyond La Paz was this
 roadside waterfall that had tourists stopping
 and trucks slowing down. Cell phone shot
in a misty rain.
The first adventure was driving to Selva Verde. To avoid the horrible traffic in San Jose I chose the mountain route north of Alajuela which did involve driving through downtown Alajuela, but before businesses opened, so not as bad as San Jose at all hours! Then it was mountain curves (hairpin curves) and farmers almost all the way from Alajuela to Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui. The total drive from Atenas to the lodge was just 99 km or about 53 miles and took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is approximately averaging around 33 km an hour or 17 miles an hour. No muy rapido! For the visitors whom I’ve taken to Poas Volcano and/or La Paz Waterfall Gardens, I drove right by both and you know what those roads are like!  J

Soon after arriving I started photographing birds on my SLR camera but I screwed up on this trip and forgot to bring the USB cable to connect my camera to the computer. So no bird photos until I return home. Sorry, but maybe meant to be. I have to go to hotel lobby or dining room for Wifi service, and that is a long walk since my room is down by the river, the furthermost away. Lesson learned: Use check-lists when packing!

SO ALL I CAN SHOW FROM HERE IS WHAT I DO ON THE CELLPHONE WHICH IS SELDOM A BIRD! My favorite today is of a Golden-fronted Woodpecker. You will see bird photos after the trip.

The front porch of my room overlooking the Sarapiqui River.
You can see the swinging bridge in the distant that I already walked over.

The Sarapiqui River by my room with good sleeping noise.
Its a mountain stream that here is down to the flat lands near banana farms.

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  1. Enjoy your trip and don't worry about the cable! Now you can have more time to relax and have fun and upload all the bird photos when you get back. Merry Christmas!

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