Biggest Moon or Magic Moon?

The news media told us the moon would be bigger tonight than it has been since 1948! (November 14, 2016) Well, it was definitely a full moon, and big, and bright! But since not close to our horizon when I tried to photograph, it did not seem that huge to me. But for the “magic” see my second image where it appears that I photographed the moon and the earth together! I’m assuming that is a reflection of the moon somehow in my camera, but interesting!  🙂

Shooting directly at the moon & cropping for this position.
Pointing camera away from moon I get the earth too? Magic? Reflection?
And you can even see a star in the distance. I don’t know how I did it!
Cool! Bazaar! Weird! Fun!

Here’s a better full moon shot I made in Nashville a few years ago.

And a shot of a quarter moon sitting on Lower Broadway in Nashville

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